Phoenix Wright Zine is an unofficial Ace Attorney fanzine celebrating the Ace Attorney himself, Phoenix Wright! All pieces will showcase Phoenix, exploring the entirety of his life and his relationships with other characters.
This project will feature both artists and writers, and will be a safe for work project — no explicit content will be allowed. Light cursing and canon typical violence may be featured with a PG-13 rating at most.
This will be a for-charity project and all proceeds after production, shipping, and contributor copies will be donated to Outright Action International.

Status: Production


AnnouncementDecember 16th
Interest Check OpensDecember 20th
Interest Check ClosesJanuary 20th
Applications OpenJanuary 30th
Applications CloseMarch 1st
Contributor ResultsMarch 14th
Creation Period BeginsMarch 15th
Pitches DueMarch 30th
Check-in #1April 30th
Check-in #2May 30th
Check-in #3June 30th
Final SubmissionJuly 10th
Preorders OpenAugust 3rd
Preorders CloseSeptember 15th
Production BeginsSeptember 16th
Shipping EstimateLate '23 - Early '24

* This schedule is tentative and subject to change. Schedule changes will be shared both with contributors and the public.


organization, social media, production, shipping

I’m Téa, the proud owner of one Plushnix and an unhealthy amount of acrylic charms! I’m a hypothetical writer, artist, and voice actor, and am the worst gamer you’ve ever met. I’ve modded over ten zines, which can be found on my carrd, including Lion Lilies and The Great Turnabout and have contributed to even more since 2017.


writing mod

Hello! I’m Rae, a full-time researcher and part-time Polly protector. I’ve been involved in both fandom and non-fandom zines since 2016, and most recently modded the Ace Attorney zine "Turnabout Cinema." Phoenix Wright played an integral role in my never-ending AA brainworm, so I'm super excited to work on this project!


art mod

Head Mod for And The Shadows Look Back: A FE3H Gothic Horror Zine, Art Mod for Turnabout Cinema


graphics and formatting mod

Hi, I'm Quo! Graphic designer by day, illustrator by night. Recently you can find me humming some AA tunes as I work.


finance support

Hello, I created a recent zine guide, the 2021-2022 Zine Creation Kit. A long-time fan of AA, I'm here to offer finance support on this project.